Lauren Milne

Founder & Program Designer

About Lauren Milne

Lauren has 19 years’ experience in the legal industry. 13 of those years have been spent negotiating telecommunications facility leases as well as establishing policies, procedures and precedents to enable the effective management and smooth operation of an organisation, including one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers. She has also been heavily involved in coordinating and managing the carrier's national telecommunications facility leasing portfolio.

This experience has given Lauren a unique insight into the challenges associated with managing large volumes of data particularly when an outsourced model of asset portfolio management is applied.

Lauren has designed other successful data control and document automation solutions for legal firms resulting in significant reductions in transaction times and data accuracy.

Lauren has a genuine passion for understanding and finding solutions to the challenges faced when managing asset portfolios. This becomes evident in the detail that has gone into the system design and the flexibility allowing client tailoring of OriA-n Asset Management System.
Lauren is passionate about innovation and believes there is a solution to every problem. Contact her to find out how OriA-n AMS can start working for you.

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