OriA-n Asset Management System

Asset data can be more valuable than the assets themselves.
Centralised records containing controlled, accurate and reliable data can be used in innovative ways.
A business can grow and increase profits on a larger scale than ever before.
Knowledge is power.

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What is OriA-n AMS?

OriA-n AMS is an asset management system with a focus on centralised data, information input controls and
document automation.

An asset management solution tailored to your business and industry requirements.

OriA-n AMS has been designed for businesses to capture data with varying levels of complexity.

It is suitable for use by businesses that are required to capture high volume and complex data (such as a carrier maintaining a telecommunications facility portfolio), as well as businesses managing real estate or fleet vehicle portfolios, which may not require the ability to capture the same level of detail. Wherever your business sits on this spectrum, OriA-n AMS is the solution that will enable you to get the most out of your valuable data.

Built with a comprehensive yet flexible foundation, the system can be tailored to any specification for any industry with the ability to select field options, data control options, guidance notes, approval and workflow processes.

Why OriA-n AMS?

With three decades of experience in asset portfolio management, print solutions and IT services,
problem solving and developing innovative solutions is our passion.
OriA-n AMS is packed full of exciting features and capabilities, while remaining sleek and simple to use.
We make the unavoidable task of asset record management enjoyable with satisfying results.

Tailored Solutions

Solutions based on your needs and industry requirements.

Secure and reliable

Your data security is our number one priority. Carefully designed, updated and monitored to ensure reliability.

Flexible Access Options

Designed for both in-house and outsourced business models.

Training and Support

Built in step-by-step guidance.

What is our point of difference?

Providing opportunities to control the quality of information as it enters your records.
Offering innovative ways for your data to be utilised.
Dedication to understand your pain points in order to find the best tailored solution.
This is what sets us apart.

Who will benefit from using OriA-n AMS?

Anyone involved in managing a large asset portfolio can benefit from using OriA-n AMS. Whether you are the owner of a large asset portfolio or you are a service provider who manages only one facet of an asset portfolio, the benefits of using OriA-n AMS will quickly become evident.

OriA-n AMS is not only a solution, it is a productivity tool resulting in your projects being completed with more efficiency and at lower costs. This not only benefits asset holders themselves, it also increases a service provider’s appeal to an asset holder looking to engage a contractor for a particular component of their asset portfolio management solution.

Business with Large Asset Portfolios

Infrastructure Service Contractors

Legal Firms

Property Management Firms